Who am I?

My name is Callan Bignoli. I'm the director of the library at the wonderfully weird Olin College of Engineering in Needham, Massachusetts. That being said, absolutely nothing I post on my social media accounts or my blog is intended to represent the official views of my employer.

What do I do?

 advocate for and strengthen libraries, specifically in respect to the technologies that impact them

 push myself and my profession to acknowledge its own overwhelming homogenity, and respond with cultural humility, more meaningful efforts towards inclusion, and anti-oppressive thinking

 present about user experience, content strategy, and service design

 think about digital literacy, miscellaneous tech, and the unique anxieties of life in the 21st century

 If you are a public librarian working on a website redesign and need some help, let's talk. I am available for short-term consulting for site audits, project planning, usability testing, RFP guidance and vendor evaluation, and other advice.

I am currently writing a book

and tracking my progress with a group at Olin doing NaNoWriMo. But the NaNoWriMo website hates me with a horrible hate, so I am going to keep track of my word count here:
November 28, 2019: 18,211 of 18,000 word goal


I grew up in the Carousel Capital of the World and cut my teeth on whipping up Angelfire pages at our Late Victorian farmhouse-turned-library. In the past, I've decorated cakes, built websites for hair salons, churned out online classes as an instructional technologist in Oregon, and opened for The Coup playing a Nintendo DS synth app at the Middle East Downstairs.

I do lots of library stuff. Heck, I'm even writing a book about it for the good people at ALA Editions. I also love to cook, have two cats, support college radio & local music, and bike everywhere.